Farali Sabudana Cutlet Recipe | ફરાળી કટલેસ બનાવવાની રીત | Sabudana Tikki Recipe

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How to make Farali Sabudana Cutlet Recipe?

Farali Sabudana Cutlet is same as sabudana pattice made with tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes and spices. Farali Sabudana cutlet is crispy & make a delicious snack that will get over in no time. This Farali Sabudana Cutlet Recipe  is suitable for Hindu fasting days like Ekadashi, Navratri, Mahashivratri or Chaturthi. It is also easy to customize this dish with the ingredients you include during your fast.

Farali Sabudana Cutlet Recipe is kind of a change in shape but otherwise the ingredients used in making Farali Sabudana cutlet Recipe is same as sabudana vada. Its a great evening snack mostly made during the vrats/upvas/fastings or even in rainy days at home by many gujratis & maharashtrians as well.

You can enjoy this delicious Sabudana Cutlet with the green corriander chutney or tomato sauce with a hot cup of tea. Do check out the recipe!!



Ingredients used to prepare Farali Sabudana Cutlet Recipe:

  1. Corriander Chutney
  • Corriander Leaf – 100 gms
  • Lemon – 01 pc
  • Salt – 1/2 tsp
  • Groundnut seed – 04 tsp
  • Sugar – 01 tsp
  • Water – 30 ml
  • Green chilly – 03 pcs

02. Sabudana Cutlet

  • Soaked Sabudana – 500 gms
  • Boiled Potatoes – 500 gms
  • Cumin seed – 02 tsp
  • Lemon – 01 pc
  • Salt – 02 tsp
  •  Corriander leaf – Few
  • Sugar – 02 tsp
  • Black Pepper – 02 tsp
  • Roasted Peanut powder – 300 gms
  • Green chilly & Ginger paste – 02 tsp

Instructions for Green Corriander Chutney:

  • In a mixture jar add groundnut seed, green chilly, cumin seed, salt, sugar & lemon juice & grind the same to make a fine smooth paste
  • Then add Corriander leaf in the same paste in mixture jar & add water & grind the same to smooth thin green chutney.
  • Remove the chutney in a bowl & serve the same with the hot Farali Sabudana Cutlet.

Instructions for preparing Farali Sabudana Cutlet Recipe:

  • Firstly Grate the boiled potatoes in a plate as it taste much better then the mashed potatoes.
  • After then add the Soaked Sabudana in the same vessel with the grated potatoes. Sabudana is soaked 8 hours before making the Sabudana cutlet. So accordingly you need to follow.
  • Then Add roasted peanut powder, make sure that the powder is not too fine but little particles present.
  • Add Cumin seed, salt, sugar, black pepper powder, lemon juice & corriander leaf in the mixture.
  • All the spices have been added, gently mix them altogether & prepare a Sabudana Cutlet Stuffing.
  • Now grease your palm with oil & take a medium amount in hand, make a round shape balls & place it in a heart shape mould make a medium size Sabudana Cutlets.
  • Once the heart shape Sabudana Cutlets are ready, let it rest for 10-15 mins as it will help with crispy & non sticky sabudana cutlets.
  • Heat the pan to a medium flame & add the oil to deep fry the Sabudana Cutlets.
  • Check whether the oil is ready to fry the cutlets by putting little amount of stuffing in the pan.
  • Once the oil is heated, start adding 3-4 pcs of cutlets to avoid breakage.
  • Fry them until the cutlet turns to golden brown, first let one side be fried properly then after turn to the other side.
  • Fry them on a medium flame to avoid over frying.
  • Once the Sabudana Cutlet is fried & ready, serve them hot with the green chutney or tomato sauce.

Recipe video:


Farali Sabudana Cutlet Recipe is a North Indian style recipe and Sabudana Vada is a delicacy from the Maharashtrian cuisine. Moreover Sabudana Vada are deep fried and these Farali Sabudana Cutlets are pan-fried with a few tablespoons of oil. Even thought the preparation of Sabudana Cutlets looks similar to that of Sabudana Vada, some of the ingredients included in the Cutlets or Tikki are unique and different. Unlike a sabudana vada which has a good amount of peanuts, Sabudana Tikki Or Farali Sabudana Cutlets has a few cashews and raisins added to it. Dry mango powder is added here instead of lemon juice to give a slight tang to the patties.

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